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Rockin’ round the library

Well today mom and I took David to the library and then the grocery store.  The library was uneventful, which is always a joy, other than the 20 dollars in fines that the kids wracked up, everything was good. At least we know they are reading… Being a small town of less than 1800 people,… Continue Reading

Parent Teacher Conferences. fear or bravery?

I don’t dread parent teacher conferences for any of my kids.  Mostly because we keep such close touch with their teachers that we aren’t surprised when conferences roll around.  This doesn’t occur with our youngest though since we are home schooling him. Before this Spring, the teachers would quake in fear when they saw my… Continue Reading

my kingdom for toothpicks to prop my eyelids open

My youngest has been up since 4am.  He has days like these.  I don’t know if it is just me being tired or what, but it seems like he is pushing a lit of buttons today. Not just mine, but all of the people in the house. So what recommendations do you have to keep… Continue Reading

Me Parent – You Child and a Brunch Date

So today has been one of those wonderful days. Mostly calm and relaxing. The youngest had a date with his mentor, so we hiked to another town 30 miles from here to drop him with the mentor.  Got a brunch date with my lovely bride… 🙂 so rare that this happens, cherish the moments.  Went… Continue Reading

Assault at the high school update

the deputy sheriff stopped by yesterday and told us he had completed his investigation. Seems a couple of boys were roughhousing in the hall way, and one pushed his buddy, his buddy hit our daughter and then she hit the locker. The deputy says he believes that the boys are sincere in their admission that… Continue Reading

they requested what?

So today, in the midst of the chaos of trying to figure out what the best path is for my family, I got a call from our state Department of Public Instruction.  (DPI) A couple of days ago, I mentioned on my blog that I was submitting a request for a facilitated IEP to the… Continue Reading

productive or just busy body

Today has been an incredible day.  If it isn’t one thing, it is another. Our new dryer was delivered this morning… Yeah me! Been on the phone with the Department of Public Instruction, Protection and Advocacy and a news program. For our youngest, the school district requested a facilitated IEP.  So I faxed in a… Continue Reading

Positive outcomes

Very positive outcomes today from the team at the cleft palette clinic. Speech is highly intelligible. Hearing loss on the left side, may need tube in that side but will know more later this Spring. He grew 14 inches though. Won’t be long before he is taller than I am. David, our youngest has been… Continue Reading

Day 8 ~ Facilitated what? and new friends !Success!

Since coming online with the new blog and website on January 3rd, I have made an incredible number of new friends.  Some really fantastic people are connecting with me.  How lucky am I? ==== Back to the topic for the night.  Have you ever experienced a Facilitated IEP? According to the website, a facilitated… Continue Reading

don’t feel stupid yet? they think we are…

When my wife came home from work and checked her personal email, she discovered a copy of the prior written notice had been emailed to her.  And evidently it had been emailed to me as well.  To an account that I never use to communicate with the district.  Very frustrating. As to the content of… Continue Reading