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about the blog and other allegations

Just got a phone call from Social Services/Child Protective Services again.  We would like to talk about your blog and other allegations.

I feel like I am being harassed.

These people don’t understand that, without the blog, he wouldn’t be getting the care he needs in any facility.  How hard is it to understand that?

Other allegations?  I can only imagine that they mean the allegation that I pressed his face into the sidewalk.  Which the deputy sheriff who responded that last day David was home can attest to.  It didn’t happen.

  1. There is no sidewalk.
  2. David didn’t have one mark on him.

Seriously people.  Want to me to do a what if list of the things that have been done incorrectly this year alone by the state?  I mean seriously.

I think that it is time to get an attorney.

all the lies

According to David, every one is lying.  The nurse staff who documented everything that came out of his mouth to the hospital social worker who made the complaint to CPS to the CPS worker who “asked if I wanted to live with an aunt.” David claims that he never told them anything about me restraining… Continue Reading

Missing in Action ~ all part of learning

The last week has just been crazy in our house.  It all started with David threatening to kill someone on his brother’s facebook account, and it snowballed from there. So what have we learned here? We learned that kids can hide pills in their mouth, under the tongue, in the lower cheek area near the… Continue Reading

>Appeal results

>We received notice of our appeal determination today.  Evidently the only people who can appeal the decision is the person found to have committed the abuse or neglect.  Our appeal was denied because we weren’t the ones who had been accused of the abuse of neglect.   So evidently, in the state of North Dakota,… Continue Reading

>decision regarding the abuse and neglect complaint

>Somehow the abuse and neglect complaint was decided without talking any witnesses.  The decision is that no services were required, because no evidence was found to substantiate that claim.  I guess it is ok to lock a child with mental heal issues in a room with furniture and other things such as scissors which he… Continue Reading

>new opportunities?

>So I was in Denver this week doing a Title V Block Grant review for the Department of Human Services Region VIII.  It was an incredible experience.  I learned so much about what the state level has to go through in order to get funding from the federal government. In the process, I shared a… Continue Reading