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M did really well with both tests. The EKG results came back normal. Waiting on the EEG results.

Got a little frustrated with the Federal Building.
Can’t take cell phones into the building.
Can’t take knives into the building. (including pocket knives and finger nail clippers)
Can’t have any electronic devices, including calculators, digital voice recorders, and the like.
Had to take off my belt to get through the scanner.

Through it all, M was a trooper. Stopped for lunch at McD’s on the way home.

On the plus side we got our application for SSI in. Now we wait for the determination which will likely be a denial, that we can appeal. We may get denied two or three times before we get approved. That is the way the system works, of course, according to the lady at Social Security, we might get lucky. Could take 6 months for the initial determination. Which is really nice considering I can’t work right now because of the needs of my three special needs boys. Once we get determination for one, we will apply for the other two.