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bullying committe meeting

Our school is developing a bullying policy. I have been invited as have all parents in the community to participate in this process.

I applaud the school for hosting these meetings, and doing so at times that are convenient to most parents. That said, it would be nice if more parents would be involved in the process.  It is going to take the whole community to make this change in our student’s lives. If they don’t see their parents buying into the policy and curriculum, then they won’t buy into it either.

The bullying policy needs to hold all participants accountable.  Students, Faculty, Support Staff and Administration. If all participants are not held to the same standard, then we will quickly lose the buy in of the people all are here to educate.

Hopefully more people from the community will take it upon themselves to get involved in this process.  If they don’t get involved, then they have no reason to complain when they don’t like it in the future.

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Spin the education wheel again for luck

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Homeschool help and more

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productive or just busy body

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Dad, I killed the car!

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Greetings on a New Day.

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Day 9 ~ more fun than you can shake a taco at.

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