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Day 5 ~ Not feeling well, it was a good day

Well, here we are at the end of day 5, a Saturday.  I have been ill all day, yech! Our youngest has been just bouncing off the walls for most of the day, even though he has a hacking cough.  I wish that I could do the same.  Over all, It has been a good… Continue Reading

Day 4 ~ a recap

So, it seems that our youngest son has issues with needing attention when any of his other siblings are home.  It doesn’t matter to him if he is negative or positive in how he gets the attention.  He will push any button he can to get attention. So we spent quite a bit of time… Continue Reading

Day 3 ~ Under the Weather

He must not be feeling good today.  Here it is after 10am and he is still wanting to sleep.  He is fighting a sinus infection, but that has been going on for a couple of days.  Blood draw at 11:45 again.  Then we are going on an outing to the hardware store to price out … Continue Reading

Day 2 the evening. ~ frustrated

Well, everyone is home with our son and I.  Five kids plus my wife and I.  Our son seems to be content with pushing as many buttons as possible all evening long. Time-outs aren’t working.  Quiet time isn’t working. He just wants to push push push.  Every one is getting frustrated. I wish that they… Continue Reading

>toll on family and health

>I find myself thinking more and more about what our district is doing to M.  I can’t fathom the level of failure that they are exhibiting.  Failure isn’t even the right word.  I don’t know what is. Health problems are beginning to crop up in my life.  My other kids are feeling the toll of… Continue Reading