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>Why is the principal able to control our son’s release date?  Because she thinks that his report card won’t look good if he transfers back to the district with so few days left in the semester, our son is spending an extra 30 days in the residential facility.  I understand why the residential facility is doing what they are doing, they are structuring things so that one of their staff can spend time with our son in the school that he will be transferring back into.

The appeal for the abuse and neglect complaint decision will be sent in on Monday.  We had to list what we wanted for remedy.  We want an apology from the district, we want the principal to lose her license and job.  We want the superintendent to retire.  We can prove that the district received documentation from the various doctors associated with our sons care.  One of the reasons for the decision in the complaint was a lack of documentation from the doctors.  That tells me that someone doctored our sons school records.  That, I believe, is a felony. Two people are ultimately accountable for that action.  The principal and the superintendent.  If someone else did that, it is because they were directed to do so by their superiors.