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>Food FIght

>So M had a rough day at school today.

Got through the morning alright. At lunch he started throwing his food around because he wanted somebodies attention. When the teacher called him on it, he slammed his tray down and threw the rest of his food all over the area where he was sitting. The teacher walked away rather than let it escalate, and M threw his cookies at a classmate, called them all a bunch of “sons of bitches” and started a tantrum.

So he spent the rest of the day with the special ed teacher.

Tomorrow he has to help the janitor by wiping down the tables in the lunch room as punishment for his behavior.

He is on a number of meds, more like a pharmacy.

I recommended to the special ed teacher that we adjust the time of delivery of M’s noon med so that it would have a little more time in his body before lunch. Seems like it might take an act of congress and special permission from the doctor to move it from 12 to 11:30.

My thought is that the prescription is not rigid in that it has to be given at 12:00 when it says noon on the label. I understand rules, and logic but geez.

So he lost privileges tonight. Now, we are having an argument about food. he doesn’t want to accept that his food has to be cooked before he can eat it.