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Most Excellent

Today was a most excellent day.  We had a brief tantrum right before bed, but he had a busy day.

We got up.  Had breakfast.

Then.  We started in the garage.  Dug out the mower.  So that he could get started mowing.  While he was mowing where I was planning to work on windows today, I loaded the truck with the tools I needed for the day.  Lunch was an easy snack.  Although he did disappear on occasion to get some light snack.

All the while that mower was running.  He did a really good job, and only missed a couple of spots.  Because he did so well,  I moved some things around so that he could use his basketball hoop.  Only to have him remember that his basketball was deflated, and he had thrown the needle in his fit of rage nearly two weeks ago.  So he had some disappointment.

But he handled it well.

He then helped hold wood I was cutting,  and assisted while I was removing windows, and then putting different ones in.

He ate his supper without complaint, and listened when I told him he needed to be in the house while I visited a friend that stopped by.  He did so without complaint.

Right before bed, he had a fit about his meds, which I won’t pretend to understand, since he was getting his meds at the time.  But we got through it.  I don’t know, maybe he was over-tired for the first time in a while.

He was so tired, he was asleep minutes after his head hit the pillow.

So tonight, as I close these thoughts, remember one thing about your child with attachment disorder.  There is nothing and I mean nothing that says that every day has to be rough and stressful.  Cheers and goodnight.

Not every day is bad…

Today.  For example. Was pretty darn good.  David met goals at school.  Then when the weather wasn’t cooperating didn’t argue when we told him he had to stay inside. When the weather cleared, he played basketball by himself for a good hour, until it was time to come in.  When he had to come in… Continue Reading

Section 1 – About a father

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storm watch — warning – a lesson for my kids.

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Homeschool help and more

As we wait for the Facilitated IEP to be scheduled, we are homeschooling David, our youngest.  There are numerous websites that can be used to help facilitate the education of your child. Two of the better sites: (I remember watching these when I was a kid, so was very happy to… Continue Reading

a most magical, amazing day and other stuff

Today was incredible.  Limited arguments from the youngest. By limited, I mean less than 5.  Very nice day. Spent some time working on household chores, dishes and what not.  Laundry can wait a day.  Seems like it never ends anyway. Setup my sewing area in the living room.  While it would be nice to have… Continue Reading

Greetings on a New Day.

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Day 6 ~ Everything is Frozen

#url# Everything is frozen! 1-2-3 Magic Continue Reading

Day 4 ~ Waking up with Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and Christopher Robin

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