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>Green Aliens

>So just when I thought I couldn’t get any more frustrated… M has taken to hiding food in the couch. Last night we found a box of jerky sticks that came with the food bank truck this week. M repeatedly denied having any knowledge of how they got there. Since he has been on restriction, he is the only one who sits there.

I asked him why he lies about the things he has taken. His response was “I don’t know”… feel like I should give Bill Cosby a call.

I put the couch on my list of places to clean everyday since we don’t know what all he is going to hoard or when, but we do know where he puts the stuff.

My thought is: How can anyone get excited about garbage? I just don’t understand the fascination with hiding empty cat food containers and other things in a dresser with clean clothes.

Ah well, the end of the day comes, and no matter what the frustrations are, or have been, he always says, “Dad, can I have a hug?” or “Mom, can I have a hug?”

Now if I could just get the girls to do their chores in a timely fashion. I had to let E, know how disappointed I was that she didn’t clean the kitchen (a weekly chore with a list of things beyond what would be done everyday). If she doesn’t do it today, she will have to do that everyday this week. With me watching her do it. (says it creeps her out for me to watch her do her chores)