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Mr Hacker

apple logoSo, in an effort to try to give him something to do, we have been periodically giving David time on an iPad.  One that has parental locks in place.

Guess what?

If you guessed that Bill Clinton was the next President of the USA, you would be wrong.

If you guessed that David broke through and paid for a bunch of things on iTunes, you would be correct.  These appear to be purchases from within a game.  We will be trying for a refund, but not sure if they will allow it or not.

So next time some doctor says he doesn’t have enough to do, they can just shut up.

I will work him in the yard.  That’s an activity.

No more iPad.  Every time we loosen the restrictions on technology, he takes advantage.  Every time!

And he always asks how come we don’t trust him…

Yep, time for a lot of yard work.   Today I submitted more of the paperwork for placement.