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what is this? an mp3 player?

Received a phone call tonight from the residential facility where David is. Seems he had an mp3 player.  The staff was pretty sure that it belonged to the cottage, but David can tell a pretty convincing lie. David evidently told the staff that we had given it to him. Nope! So they called and asked.… Continue Reading

humbled by the number of people

I am humbled by the number of people who are reading my blog.  I didn’t think that our life was interesting. I dropped some stuff off for David today.  He saw us while he was walking and even pointed at the van as if to say “hey, that looks like our van”.  But by the… Continue Reading

I feel like I am missing a piece of myself

We admitted David today.  No emotion from him.  No sad tears, no “please don’t make me stay.” He wanted two things, a bed, and food. We had to sign a bunch of papers.  I mean a bunch of papers.  Went over all the rules, explained that even though he is a resident there, he is… Continue Reading

Placement begins tomorrow

Just learned today that David will be entering placement tomorrow afternoon. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward with this next level of care in his life. I pray that we are doing the right thing, and believe in my heart that it is.  At this point, I can’t ask… Continue Reading

i wonder how long

With David’s placement now occurring as early as Monday afternoon, I find myself pondering how long. How long will we find his hiding places in our home?  Places where he has hidden things that he has taken from others. How long will we wonder at some item that we have found and who it belongs… Continue Reading

David isn’t going to placement today

Finally, got a call back from one of the intake people at the residential facility today. It appears that they are waiting on some additional paperwork from his last residential care facility. As a result, they aren’t able to admit him yet. Maybe on Monday. Words can not describe how I feel right now. Related… Continue Reading

disappointed in service levels

I sleep during the day, because I stay up all night long with my son. This morning, just as I was getting into a good sleep, I received a call from the facility where David will eventually be a resident.  They need a list of hospital stays for him going back two years. Evidently it… Continue Reading

stealing from school

Just got a phone call from the school that David goes to.  Evidently he got caught stealing an electronic dictionary from the school.  They are going to give him consequences. Um yeah.  Consequences.  These are the ones that don’t work… apologize. time out. write down what you did and why. no more access to the… Continue Reading

hypervigilance is starting to wear me out

This constant state of awareness is starting to wear me down. Having to always be on, and aware of David’s position/location in the house is wearing on everyone. tonight I caught him hiding a couple of combination padlocks in the couch.  He claimed to have found them on the floor.  He said that Cinnamon  must… Continue Reading

Sherlock Father and the Case of the Missing Gadget

Well, he came home. Had him take off his pants, in the process he had to kneel down and untie his shoes.  David thought that he would be clever with a little slight of hand.  I saw him move something on the floor. After he stood up, I patted down his socks, and the back… Continue Reading