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Bouncy – Tigger too

David is particularly bouncy this morning.  He did sleep good last night with no nightmares for the first time in over a week, so that probaby has something to do with it.  Starting the morning with physical fitness. Then math, and if the truck is done at the shop, a social outing this afternoon. He… Continue Reading

Service Plans Part II

So earlier today, I asked the superintendent and two other people from outside the district what language and information the Service Plan requires. The Superintendent told me to ask my wife.  (my wife is a special education teacher who has never seen a service plan for an IEP that is not academic in nature. Our… Continue Reading

Service Plans… What?

So since the impasse was reached at our facilitated IEP meeting, we are home schooling him because we don’t think that it is right for the school district to deny him the chance to try his home school before shipping him off to a school in another district that is 58 miles away. They have… Continue Reading

Enough is Enough

I am reblogging this post from my friend Rob Gorski over at  This is important to all Special Needs parents.  Our lives and the lives of our children are stressful.  A lot of what we do with our kids, we do with the full awareness of medical professionals.  We don’t like restraining our children,… Continue Reading

I am not a hero. seriously. I can you tell who is though.

I had someone tell me it takes a special person to parent a child like David.  It takes a special person to be a parent.  Period. Any man can be a father, donate DNA, that kind of thing.  But to be a parent, a “dad” takes something more. To be the dad of a special… Continue Reading

Pulbic to news media or not?

I have been advised to take our story regarding David public. To CNN and FoxNews.  In regards to how No Child Left Behind and the Garrison School District have conspired against educating our son in the home district under the guise of “we are unable to provide the services that his needs require…”  How is… Continue Reading