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Stuart Little teaching lessons.

Today’s Rocking! We have had an excellent morning, David still isn’t feeling the best, so he slept in a little bit. He is working on his favourite puzzles, word search, and we started reading Stuart Little by E.B. White today. He reads so fast that I don’t know if he is actually reading, so I… Continue Reading

Today’s Victory 3-21-2012- exploring gifts

Today was a good day.  Some issues with David listening, but that isn’t unusual. During lessons today we did some grammar and spelling worksheets. One of the worksheets was unscrambling letters to form a word.  The shortest word was 6 letters.  Twelve words total, took him less than five minutes. I asked him how he… Continue Reading

Pi Day

Today as the miracle of PI is known, I take the opportunity to reflect on the wonders of Autism. I read a book – Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet – when it was first published.  This a truly remarkable autobiographical account of one man’s journey in the world of an Autistic Savant. … Continue Reading

Spin the education wheel again for luck

Image via Wikipedia Well, as many of my faithful readers will remember, we are going through a facilitated IEP for our son, David. After a few attempts at scheduling the actual meeting, we finally appear to have a date and time that we can all agree on. I plan to ask for half days of… Continue Reading

hacking facebook again

Mr David keeps trying to hack into facebook accounts.  He does it by attempting to reset the password.  Every facebook account in our house sends me an email any time someone attempts to reset the password.  I then ask the account holder if they forgot the password.  Most of the time, it is being requested… Continue Reading

Missing in Action ~ all part of learning

The last week has just been crazy in our house.  It all started with David threatening to kill someone on his brother’s facebook account, and it snowballed from there. So what have we learned here? We learned that kids can hide pills in their mouth, under the tongue, in the lower cheek area near the… Continue Reading

Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

It’s in the past. That is how David responds when we try to talk to him about the threats that he made toward that individual on facebook. “I don’t want to talk about it, because it’s in the past.” It was last Wednesday February 29.  Just because it is in the past doesn’t mean we… Continue Reading

bingo, we have a winner – update from the hospital

Well yesterday, we took our youngest to the hospital and admitted him to the psych unit.   Today I got a call from the doctor in the ward.  He asked me why we had not been giving David his medicines. When I explained that we had been giving them to him four times a day, and… Continue Reading

have i failed as a father?

I feel like a failure. My youngest son has hacked into his brother’s facebook account and threatened to kill someone. And then he lied about doing it, even when confronted by the evidence. How do I learn about this? The victim’s parents called the Sherrif. I don’t blame them. I blame myself. I blame my… Continue Reading

just another manic monday

Well, David and I met with the respite care providers.  Nice family.  Mom and Dad seem to think a lot like us.  Neat this is that they have adopted a couple of kids as well.  So we are excited.  This should enhance David’s life by giving us a break from each other.  I made sure… Continue Reading

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