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a coming birthday

So David has a birthday coming up.  he will be a teen. In my quest to get Medicaid reinstated, he was given something called a recipient liability. He has a recipient liability because he has an income.  (SSI and an adoption subsidy).  it isn’t more than 900 a month, and the subsidy isn’t his.   anyway. … Continue Reading

working on non-profit status

We have been mostly quiet here at Why Not Fathers.  Rest assured things have been busy. Currently we are working on incorporating Why Not Fathers as a non-profit.  We are hoping that this will open up opportunities for speaking and further engagement. Potential speaking engagements include the following topics: fatherhood adoption – both as a… Continue Reading

Lost and Tired – Confessions: I feel like everything is falling apart around me

A post from a fellow parent about their struggles with RAD. This link will take you to a new page. Lost and Tired – Confessions: I feel like everything is falling apart around me. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

filing an appeal with medicaid.

While the state is actively reviewing David’s case, we are going to file an appeal. Not sure what will happen, but this way, no one can say we didn’t exhaust all measures.   It seems strange to me to have to appeal something that he was ordered by the court to have until he is 18. … Continue Reading

Medicaid, still no resolution

Well, it has been a week since we learned that David’s Medicaid would be closed and that we would have to reapply in the state where the PRTF level facility he resides is located.   Still no resolution.  But we have a variety of people from the state working on it, and I am creating a… Continue Reading

Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicaid, you frustrate me so….

David is adopted.  He was a special needs adoption.  Not because of all of the mental health concerns, but because of his race. As part of the adoption, he was court ordered to have access to Medicaid. It seems like every time we turn around, we are fighting for David.  For things that David needs. … Continue Reading

ah… David, David, David….

David is a pretty smart kid.  At least when he wants to be. Let me give you an example. Attachment. Now the average person wouldn’t use that word in their everyday language.  David heard the term once, and immediately it became part of his lexicon.  He used it regularly during the conversation. He doesn’t know… Continue Reading

Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act – H.R.3717

A letter that I wrote to our Representative in Congress ============== As a parent of a child with severe mental illness, a child who has been in crisis many times, I would like to voice my opinion in regards to this Act and why I would like to recommend that Representative Cramer not co-sponsor the… Continue Reading

something new and different

today, in the mail, we received an envelope from David. Some pictures and stuff that he had drawn.  It was pretty exciting to receive anything from him, as that just isn’t something that he does. thanks David, you brightened my day. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Why do we view mental illness with negativity?

In the news each day, we see and read about people.  People like Adam Lanza, and others who destroyed the lives of many.  We never hear about the people who have mental illness yet don’t destroy the lives of others. Why?  Sure the state of mental illness, and the treatment of those with mental illness… Continue Reading

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