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A letter to my son. David.

David, As I write this I am faced with the reality that you are being moved further from our home.  From your family. I wish that things could be different. David, you have a multifaceted mental illness.  As a result of this, we do not feel that it is safe for you to live at… Continue Reading

Facility Transfer and Medication Changes

Today we had our visit with David.  He was uncooperative at first.  So mom and I explained to him that his transfer to a facility out of state is pending. He asked us why. So we explained that since he is not listening, not working his program, antagonistic to his peers and generally uncooperative, that… Continue Reading

Gran Mal Seizure

Today, we had a staffing for David.  These occur monthly.  Participants include social workers, therapists, and parents. By all accounts, he is doing well.  For the most part he is stable.  Residence staff reported that since the seizure on Friday, David has been rather subdued.  He seems to be nervous or upset about what happened. … Continue Reading

and then we get a phone call….

that says “your son has had a seizure, and is on the the way to the emergency room via ambulance.” It was nearly two hours before I noticed the message on my cell phone, which tells me a number of things. They didn’t attempt all of the communications methods that we listed in the paperwork… Continue Reading

Parent Teacher Conferences – A joy for David

Mom and I went to Parent Teacher Conferences at the PRTF where David lives last night.  To say that we were surprised in what we heard would be an understatement.  By all accounts, David is doing well. Compared to last year, when he couldn’t be kept in the classroom, now, he does the work.  Not… Continue Reading

Missing David. and frustrated

People frustrate me.  Not all people.  Just some. Before David’s 12th birthday, we moved him, temporarily, to a different facility so that he could undergo a med wash. All the reports I have received have been about how good a child he is, and how he listens. That is great.  I am happy that they… Continue Reading

vacation and missing my kids

So here I am.  500 miles from home. Have a hotel room all to myself.  and I can’t sleep. I miss David.  I am usually awake until around 4am because of him.  According to my body it is only 2:30 am.  Another hour a half to go before my body gives in and shuts down… Continue Reading

#Autism: When teachers are the bullies

I wanted to share this video with you all. This video is by a man named Stuart Chaifetz and is in response to to his son Akian being bullied by his teachers at school. This is so important to watch because Stuart is making this public in order to shine the spotlight on what is happening… Continue Reading

Spin the education wheel again for luck

Image via Wikipedia Well, as many of my faithful readers will remember, we are going through a facilitated IEP for our son, David. After a few attempts at scheduling the actual meeting, we finally appear to have a date and time that we can all agree on. I plan to ask for half days of… Continue Reading

hacking facebook again

Mr David keeps trying to hack into facebook accounts.  He does it by attempting to reset the password.  Every facebook account in our house sends me an email any time someone attempts to reset the password.  I then ask the account holder if they forgot the password.  Most of the time, it is being requested… Continue Reading