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Second Guesses
Port and lighthouse overnight storm with lightning in Port-la-Nouvelle ~ Maxime Raynal

It’s been a long day, and while my body is tired, I can’t turn off my brain. 

   Prison is no place to get mental health care.

See, This is the second time in a month we have had David’s time in the facility extended.  While we both knew it was a possibility, I can’t help but feel that he is being let down.  I mean, it’s a huge victory for him to continue where he is successful until we can get supports in place for him to come out of the facility, but it’s not easy. In hindsight, I really don’t think David will see it as a victory, at least not until many years down the road.  But it is a victory for him.  For his care.

It’s not easy to tell your child, “You can’t come home yet.”  Even if they know and claim to understand the why of it.  David understands that in order to be successful he needs supports.

I don’t know.  Maybe it is just the Dad’s job to always strive for what’s best for his kids.  David is safe, and that’s what matters.

The future is unknown.  I don’t know how long it is going to take to get the supports necessary in place, but I do know that we aren’t giving up.  We will continue to fight for what David needs in order for him to live a productive life outside of a facility.  Because if we don’t, he will likely just end up in prison.

Prison is no place to get mental health care.

I have not talked with staff in the facility.  They haven’t contacted me.  I did talk briefly with his therapist today, but beyond that, nothing.  To say that our relationship with the facility staff is contentious, would be an understatement.  But, we will continue to work with them to provide David the best life possible until such time as he can leave the facility and enjoy success in whatever form it takes for him.

So I am left with Second Guesses.  It’s not the first time.  I am sure it won’t be the last.

Taking a Chance on Faith

Taking a Chance on Faith

With a lot of prayer, we are going to try a visit away from the safety and comfort that being in close proximity to the facility provides us.  This is about taking a chance. We are going to take a chance on faith that he is stable.  This weekend, we are going to travel to… Continue Reading

It was all a lie

David wants desperately to be trusted.  He wants us to believe him. On Friday, he came home from school all excited because he was voted onto the student council at his school. Today, he informs us that it was all a lie.  Nothing was true. So i have confirmation emails going out to his school.… Continue Reading

wishes and dreams

I dream of a time when we don’t have to worry about him as much as we do.  Granted as a parent, part of us will always worry about our kids, but when you have a child like David, it is increased ten fold, a hundred fold. Today he came home from the mental health… Continue Reading

the next few days are going to be fun!

Well, big sister stopped by with a friend for a couple of minutes.  They didn’t stay long, as David was in tantrum mode. You see, mom got the bandages removed today, and we just can’t have someone else get more attention than he is getting. So big sister and friend turned around and left.  I… Continue Reading

Back in the Hospital – was – The Dilemma – What to do with David

This has been something of a roller coaster week. I was in Indianapolis for the National Disability Rights Network annual conference.  Some fantastic networking opportunities.  A lot of great information, fabulous food and weather. At home, David was busy doing what David does. At the top of the list? He forged a check. He was… Continue Reading

Five days in May

So, insurance has said we have five days.  That means on Friday he could be discharged. How frustrated am I? The safety of my family is of utmost importance.  That includes David. The social worker told me that this is what happens in acute care cases. I’d like them to define acute care. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

A new fear – Talking with dead friends

Last night was scary.  Not sure what happened exactly, but David is back in the hospital. At 8pm, with his bedtime medicines he gets a snack.  He wanted oatmeal, instead I gave him a granola bar. He said that he would hurt me if I didn’t give him the right snack.  He made a move… Continue Reading

some lessons need to be learned…

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way I guess. At breakfast David was in his usual mood.   I always get irritated when the he puts an empty cereal container back in the cupboard.  I told him that it bugs me. “But dad, there is cereal still in there!”  he said. So I shook… Continue Reading

hmmm Toby you smell bad

Toby is our Pomeranian.  David decided that since Toby hadn’t had a haircut and bath recently that he would deodorize him.  So he sprayed him with a Lysol type spray. So far the dog hasn’t gotten sick. And he did get a bath and hair cut this past weekend. We have explained before that he… Continue Reading