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Some days make everything worthwhile

I will be the first to admit, raising a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder is a challenge.  Raising a David is an incredible challenge. Today. Made it all worthwhile. I have chronic illnesses, and as a result, sometimes have difficulty sleeping.  Some days too much, other days, not at all.  Friday night was one of… Continue Reading

a smile, and a wakeup

My sleep schedule is messed up because of illness.  I might sleep 14 hours today and none tomorrow.  I sleep when my body lets me. Today, I was in the middle of a rem cycle, and the phone rang.  How awesome that David called two days in a row.  He asked if I was sleeping,… Continue Reading

the phone call

… sounds ominous doesn’t it? I just had the phone call to end all phone calls. Out of the blue, I get a call from the facility where David lives. I am thinking… uh-oh, David got put in a hold or something. Nope. Not even close. It was David calling, “do you have time to… Continue Reading

a visit with David, in the end a success

Mom and I went to visit David tonight.  We gave ourselves an hour.  It takes an hour to get to the residence, and an hour to get home.  On a school night, we left the other kids at home. We were excited to see him.  He is out of the psych ward and back at… Continue Reading

Update on David.

David is finally admitting that he tried to harm himself. It took some prompting, and he acts like it is no big deal. He said that he didn’t mean to scare anyone when he wrapped the shoestrings around his throat. He thinks that they are letting him go back to the residential facility tomorrow, but… Continue Reading

Explaining mental illness to the siblings.

How do you explain mental illness to a child with Autism?   Are you blunt in your explanations? Should it be explained?   In our family, we have a child with severe mental illness.  He is currently in the hospital.  At home we have his siblings, how do we explain to the siblings the depth… Continue Reading

Visited David tonight in Psych Unit.

I hate going there.  Absolutely do not like it. Spent about 2 hours with David this evening in Psych.  We watched television.  We didn’t talk. If I asked him a question, I got a one syllable response. He said he is sleeping at night. I was told that he stole a couple of telephones and… Continue Reading

David has entered the psych unit.

David has been really struggling lately with his mental illnesses.  I use plural for a reason. Today, a lot happened.  He became combative.  It took four adults to restrain this 80 pound boy.  He becomes very strong when he is on this part of his “cycle”.  Meds don’t work, calming techniques don’t work.  The only… Continue Reading

assault reported by David

I received a call from David’s teacher.  evidently he was being offensive and sent to time out.  When he didn’t stay, they took him back. He threw a chair at his teacher or one of the staff, and then headbutted someone.  In addition to his threatening to kill them, he also was kicking and hitting.… Continue Reading

Upcoming feature – Newsletter

Starting January 1, 2013, (yes we know, it is hard to imagine) we will be adding a newsletter to our blog.  If you would like to sign up for it, you can sign up when you leave a comment on any page. Per request, our email list will remain private, and will never be sold/shared/traded… Continue Reading