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20 Euros and a mp3 Player

20 Euros and an mp3 player David is in a safe bed.  Another child in residence had some foreign currency and an mp3 player.  David asked the child about it and was told that the mp3 player came from staff.  Since David is home bound, when everyone else went on an outing, he stayed behind… Continue Reading

transition to residential care

One week from tomorrow David will be in the residential facility. I am loathe to admit that part of me is excited about him going.  He can get more help there than what we can give him at home. On the other hand, I am sad.  This is just the next level of care.  But… Continue Reading

Master of Deception

David was in safe bed last week.  One of his assignments was to write a detailed listing all of his hiding places. I don’t believe by any means that it is a comprehensive list, but it gives us a good place to start. It will also give us ideas of where else to look. So… Continue Reading

What do you mean?

This has become David’s favorite saying when confronted with a behavior.  Confronted isn’t the best way to describe how we deal with his behaviors, but it works for the purposes of this post. “David, what are you doing upstairs?”  I ask. “What do you mean?” he responds. “David, why did you steal my keys?”  I… Continue Reading

Lies, Lies, Lies

Does he not think that we are going to catch him in these lies? David came home from the safe bed. One of the rules of the place is that he is not allowed off campus.  AT ALL.  For any reason. So he came home with a story about how he went to Menard’s with… Continue Reading

The truth is

It has been 24 hours since I left David in the safe bed. I am trying to adjust to sleeping, but don’t want to make too much change, as he will be back home on Saturday. The truth is, I miss him.  I don’t miss the tantrums.  I miss the good David that comes home… Continue Reading

is it relief or something else

David is in a “safe bed” for the next four days.  No t.v. no computer, no interaction with peers.  Just him, four walls, a bed, a desk and a chair.  He will have daily homework, written assignments, that he must complete. Why? David has been having many hour long tantrums and outbursts the last couple… Continue Reading

The reason for disabled kids….

There is a politician in Virginia who believes… ” disabled children are God’s punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy. ” I won’t say his name, because that in my book would be akin to an endorsement. I say this Mr. Politician.  My wife has never had an abortion, not that it is… Continue Reading

a bad parody of a Whitesnake song – Here We Go Again.

I feel like I am in a bad parody of a Whitesnake song called Here We Go Again. Same song different verse.  David has stolen an iPod again. Plus a set of keys to everything that we own. When he got caught stealing the iPod, he became verbally abusive to us.  Talking about how he… Continue Reading

Struggling as a father of children with special needs

Struggling as a father of children with special needs David, I am struggling today.  Well actually, I have been struggling for a while, I am just now manning up and admitting it to myself. David, you require a lot of attention.  At some times the attention involves raised voices.  We do everything we can to… Continue Reading