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holy meltdown time Batman

We just had the mother of all meltdowns.  Haven’t seen one this bad for a long time.  He attempted to attack his older sister, and then went into full off complaint mode talking so fast no one could understand him.  After which he started to attack me.  I ended up laying him on his belly… Continue Reading

Kindle Fire, facebook and grrrr

David got angry with his brother because his brother asked him to leave a room David isn’t supposed to be in.  So he stole my Kindle Fire.  Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but how does that help? Oh and he got on facebook again….. grrrrr and facebook won’t let me… Continue Reading

another night done. starting anew with old behaviors

Well, David came home from the hospital. Promptly stole my Kindle Fire, my camera, and my cell phone.  I imagine that he stole some other things, we just haven’t figured out what yet. I am frustrated.  Frustrated that he can behave and not steal anything or misbehave while he is in psych, and then he… Continue Reading

Melatonin and anti-psychotics

So I talked to David’s psych team three times today.  The result, we are going to get him back on his meds, get him stabilized again.  They are also going to put him on an anti-psychotic drug.  I forget the name of it. They are working to get as many of his meds in liquid… Continue Reading


i found the coolest gadget.  I could see many ways that this could help a family with children that have special health care needs. Help support their project and get it off the ground. 🙂 on the right side you should see a link that references Botiful.  Click on that, and donate 10 dollars if… Continue Reading

its not about the gum.

So today, I have had four hours of sleep.  I got about 40 minutes this morning from 5:40 to 6:20am.  then I got about an hour later in mid-morning.  Then I got two hours mid-afternoon. I woke up to discover that my cell phone was missing.  I woke up with heartburn and went to get… Continue Reading

oops I fell asleep around 530am

shortly after my last post, I fell asleep. at around 5:30am, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  at 6:24am, I hear David running across the kitchen.  he managed to steal one of the keys from my key ring, and then break into his brother’s bedroom and steal his brother’s cell phone.  tell me that… Continue Reading

530am is it bedtime?

Coming up on 530am here in land.  David has slept through the night for the most part.  There was a spot where he thought I was sleeping and tried to sneak out of the room, but I nipped that in the bud really quick.  Other than stretching in his sleep it has been uneventful.… Continue Reading

under observation 24/7

David is under constant supervision now.  He can’t do anything.  No less than 4 times today he has stolen someone’s cell phone.  We feel like we are going crazy because we don’t let him out of our sight, yet he is still getting the phones. He is constantly back talking and sassing mom and I. … Continue Reading

a day of frustrations. started at 4am

we have been really struggling  today.  David stole two cell phones, two keys and a DSI from his family last night.  Between the hours of 3 am and 4am.  How do I know?  Because that is when I was asleep.  the keys are for locks in the house that we use to keep him out… Continue Reading