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Choking is not a game….

Our son has been a handful lately.  I confronted him about it yesterday. I have had very little sleep for the last 2 days.  He hasn’t either.  His body seems to thrive on 4 hours of sleep. Turns out that when I give him his medicine, he has been spitting them out. So we started… Continue Reading

blessings and victories

David is really blessed to have such a great team looking out for him. From therapists, to psychiatrists, respite providers to mentors, he has an incredible team of people looking out for his interests. It is nice to know that we can count on these people to support us when we tell the school that… Continue Reading

snacks snacks and more snacks

Because of his high metabolism, David requires frequent snacks.  We do fresh fruit, canned fruit and baked goods.  The baked goods are more reward snacks than regular snacks. The dog was munching on a snack today.  Turns out he is getting his treats from David’s room.  Sure enough he had a whole box of Little… Continue Reading

Victory of the day 3-28-2012

Today’s victory is brought to you by David. David has a compulsion about electronic gadgets.  He takes them. Doesn’t matter who they belong to. Today he took his brother’s cell phone. Tonight, David gave it back without a fit, any lies, or a tantrum. If it only happens once in a while where he is… Continue Reading

again with the electronic gadgets…

David got caught with one of his brother’s DSi’s again.  You would think that he would learn.  But there is a hidden compulsion that drives him to take these things. It is most frustrating that over and over again we tell him he can’t do that, and he does it anyway. “I don’t know how… Continue Reading

Keys, Keys, where are the Keys?

David, demands attention.  If you don’t give it to him, he will do something negative. What is the definition of negative?  Theft.  Yelling. Lies. those kinds of things.  Yesterday a set of mom’s keys went missing.  David cried about how he didn’t take them, and how we should believe him just this one time.  I… Continue Reading

hoarding of electronic gadgets

David has compulsion with electronic items.  No small electronic gadgets are safe.  Remote controls, cell phones, DSi’s, if he can carry it, he will take it.  Very frustrating for the rest of the family. So now, when something goes missing, guess who is the first one blamed? How do you deal with hoarding?    … Continue Reading

Yesterday’s victory 3-25-2012 I got caught smoking

“hello,” said a little voice plaintively. “Hi, David! How is your visit going at respite?” I asked him. “I have bad news,” he replied solemnly. “I got in trouble.” “respite mom told me I had to tell you what I did,” he continued quietly. “What is it buddy, do I have to come and get… Continue Reading

should I feel guilty?

David spent the night with his respite family.  It is so peaceful here right now.  No fights, no thefts, no arguments. Should I feel guilty that I am enjoying the quiet? Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

key noises while typing

David has these old keyboards to play with. We lop the cord off, and he plays with them until the keys start to fall off, or we get tired of stepping on them.  We have gotten as much as a year out of a Compaq/HP keyboard.  It entertains him, and he knows that is the… Continue Reading