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I am confused…

Today, David and I had been having a great day.  Laughing. The phone rang, since I had my hands in dishwater I asked him to answer it.  He put it on speakerphone. I asked him to hold it close, instead he accused me of not wanting him around. How does, hold the phone equal “you… Continue Reading

a brand new day

Today is a brand new day for David. This morning, he was complaining of being stiff and sore.  So I talked about the work that his muscles did to support his body yesterday while he was manic.   He said he doesn’t like it. In talking with David today, I learned that he was upset that… Continue Reading

what do you do when…

your child is manic and goes running down the street into traffic yelling, just kill me? We had the start of an episode tonight.  I ignored it.  I walked away.  I turned the other cheek. Every time I refused to acknowledge the behavior, the behavior escalated. David started spraying something that we later learned was… Continue Reading

Thoughts – control – arguments and what not

I have been torn.  Since David has come home, we have had quite a few good days.  The bad days, holy.  It is trying on the whole family when they happen. So I am going to take a page from another parent of a child a lot like David. No confrontations.  If he is spoiling… Continue Reading

Is this the start?

Caught David stealing food. He knows that all he has to do is tell us he is hungry. We just don’t want him hoarding food in his bedroom. Then he lies and blames it on others, including the cats. We know that with his metabolism, he burns enough food for two or three other people. … Continue Reading

I don’t understand

Something struck me this morning.  My son was in a psychiatric facility for more than a year. He was discharged when Medicaid decided to stop funding his care. No transition plan was in place the day my son was released to our care. We have made the best of the last two weeks and I… Continue Reading

the art of positive thinking

Monday, when I pick up my son, magic will happen.  He will see that I love him unconditionally. He will see that I am accepting of him. He will see that we are embracing his return to the family. He will know the love that we have in our hearts. Tuesday when we arrive home,… Continue Reading

I now pronounce sentence. 72 hours and a prayer

The appeal to Medicaid to further fund services has been denied. As a result, I will be picking up David from the facility on Monday.  We then come home to begin a new chapter in our lives as a family. We had an IEP meeting for him this morning. Short term he will be homebound… Continue Reading

Encouragement from me to you

Living a life filled with fear does things to the body.  I have a number of chronic health issues, and the stress from this is exacerbating those health issues. Please, if you are reading this then you have either an interest in the topic, or are experiencing it yourself. Remember these key things. It’s not… Continue Reading


What is it like to live in fear? Having never lived in a war zone, or been active in a war zone, I can’t say that our experience compares to that. What I can say is this. Living day to day on edge constantly because you don’t know from one minute to the next what… Continue Reading

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