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A letter to my son. David.

David, As I write this I am faced with the reality that you are being moved further from our home.  From your family. I wish that things could be different. David, you have a multifaceted mental illness.  As a result of this, we do not feel that it is safe for you to live at… Continue Reading

David is worried

David called. I could sense the worry in his voice. The first thing he asked about was what goals he needed to have so that he could stay at his current location rather than being moved to the new facility.  Rather than going elsewhere, he would rather come home. David is still too volatile to… Continue Reading

Facility Transfer and Medication Changes

Today we had our visit with David.  He was uncooperative at first.  So mom and I explained to him that his transfer to a facility out of state is pending. He asked us why. So we explained that since he is not listening, not working his program, antagonistic to his peers and generally uncooperative, that… Continue Reading

Bed Available!

Today, we received notification from David’s current residential placement that there is a bed open at another facility. Evidently, David has been accepted at this other facility, and we have to call them. Now.  we haven’t made application to the other facility. So I called the other facility and asked how they can accept David… Continue Reading

Gran Mal Seizure

Today, we had a staffing for David.  These occur monthly.  Participants include social workers, therapists, and parents. By all accounts, he is doing well.  For the most part he is stable.  Residence staff reported that since the seizure on Friday, David has been rather subdued.  He seems to be nervous or upset about what happened. … Continue Reading

and then we get a phone call….

that says “your son has had a seizure, and is on the the way to the emergency room via ambulance.” It was nearly two hours before I noticed the message on my cell phone, which tells me a number of things. They didn’t attempt all of the communications methods that we listed in the paperwork… Continue Reading

Parent Teacher Conferences – A joy for David

Mom and I went to Parent Teacher Conferences at the PRTF where David lives last night.  To say that we were surprised in what we heard would be an understatement.  By all accounts, David is doing well. Compared to last year, when he couldn’t be kept in the classroom, now, he does the work.  Not… Continue Reading

A call from David. An Apology. Small steps.

You have to understand.  With David, apologies aren’t like an apology you would receive from someone with hurt feelings.  He doesn’t feel remorse like other people do. That said, the fact that he called to apologize was a huge event for him.  He called specifically to talk to me, and apologize.  Evidently he is working… Continue Reading

Explosive Visit With David Today.

We saw David today.  The plan was a two hour visit.  We were there 20 minutes. The argument started because David decided that he wanted to be obstinate.  I was getting the situation defused when David decided that he was done with the visit and took off down the hallway.  I had to go after… Continue Reading

A nice relaxed visit with David

Mom and I visited David today. Took him off campus for ice cream at the DQ.  Drove through a park on the way back to the facility.  Then we watched David play basketball with the staff. It is interesting to note that the staff was consistent in their praise about how well David is doing. … Continue Reading