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Something every parent of an adopted child fears

That someone David has never known in his life could decide that he/she wants to be a part of his life. As part of the adoption process all parental rights were terminated.  But to have someone challenge the adoption.  To have the adoption overturned… a fear. Realistic fear? I don’t think so.  But I imagine… Continue Reading

Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act – H.R.3717

A letter that I wrote to our Representative in Congress ============== As a parent of a child with severe mental illness, a child who has been in crisis many times, I would like to voice my opinion in regards to this Act and why I would like to recommend that Representative Cramer not co-sponsor the… Continue Reading

something new and different

today, in the mail, we received an envelope from David. Some pictures and stuff that he had drawn.  It was pretty exciting to receive anything from him, as that just isn’t something that he does. thanks David, you brightened my day. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Something different about our son.

Today during our weekly call, I learned something “new” from the staff. David is evidently manipulating one of his staff. While this isn’t really new to us, it is new to them. So my question then becomes… if David is so manipulative that a significant portion of his staff notices what he is doing, how… Continue Reading

Why do we view mental illness with negativity?

In the news each day, we see and read about people.  People like Adam Lanza, and others who destroyed the lives of many.  We never hear about the people who have mental illness yet don’t destroy the lives of others. Why?  Sure the state of mental illness, and the treatment of those with mental illness… Continue Reading

travelling to see David, a sadness.

We live on the great plains of our country.  Northern Great Plains.  we are about 550 miles from the residential facility where David lives. I wish we had train service between here and there.  The nearest depot to his residence is like 5 hours. the last Amtrak went into Billings, MT in 1979.  With the… Continue Reading

frustrated, disbelief, sadness

I alternate between disbelief, anger and sadness. It wasn’t our primary choice to place David in his current residence.  It was the only option available at the time because his previous placement, “didn’t feel they were the best place for him and that he needed a more restricted environment.” So now, someone thinks that we… Continue Reading

What if I said David might be coming home soon…

So, it has been a while since I last posted. Really not a lot to report about David.  He has changed little.  Except he isn’t yet showing the aggressive behaviors that he has in the past.  But it has only been 4 months, in his current placement, so I think that it is only a… Continue Reading

a setup for failure?

There hasn’t been much to report in regards to David.  He has been doing well, and by all reports is working his program.  Yesterday we had an IEP for him in the morning, and then his monthly treatment plan meeting in the afternoon.  At the second meeting, David indicated that he had reached the next… Continue Reading

Mark 1:11

I would say this applies to each of my kids.  But David, has needs beyond what our other kids do. Reports for David have been great thus far at the new facility.  Does this mean that he is cured? No. Do I expect a cure? No. What I expect is for professionals to work with… Continue Reading