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Collin Haluska’s Burn Recovery

My friends, Last month, the son of a dear friend of ours was burned in a tragic accident.  He will be a long time in recovering.  Tragically during this time, the home that the family was renting has been sold and now they have to move.  Collin goes to wound care 2 times a week… Continue Reading

updates. the weekly call

So I get called every Friday night.  at 10:30.  I asked for it to be that late in the day. It is just me.  Every one else is asleep.  I can talk freely about David, his week, his needs and make recommendations for the staff. Last week, David called and told us about this girl… Continue Reading

Treatment plan sabotage

It seems that our son is afraid of moving to another facility.  Keep in mind that there has been no talk of moving him to another facility.  But it is a fear of his. Since his primary changed a couple of weeks ago, he has been in a down hill slide.  Can’t undo the change… Continue Reading

From Survival to Serenity: Educating About RAD

For those wondering, I run across posts on other sites that I think are good for my readers.  I have a tool that lets me link directly to the article I like.  That is what you see when you see the links like this one.  thanks ~ Carl   From Survival to Serenity: Educating About… Continue Reading

A response to events in Ferguson – a teachable moment

My son is African-American.  I could care less.  All I care about is that he is my son. That said, how would I feel if he was shot and killed?  Of course, I would be heartbroken. So how do I talk to him about the events in Ferguson, Mo?  Or do I?  He is affected… Continue Reading

Hope – for peace in his heart

David is really struggling over the last 24 hours.  A majority of it is his response to his primary staff leaving.  That he formed that strong a bond with someone is important.  So while I understand that his behaviors are negative right now, maybe we need to look at it from a different angle. He… Continue Reading

Shame and Depression – A lack of humanity.

The recent suicide of Robin Williams is a tragedy for his family. For the rest of the world it is a great loss.  I’ll admit to being a huge fan of the man.  I understand addiction.  I also understand some things about depression.   Did Mr. Williams have Bipolar Disorder?  I don’t know, that is between… Continue Reading

Permanently Institutionalized

Today, we received a notice from Medicaid for David.  It was a notice informing him that he is permanently institutionalized. The notice went on to state that if he dies, Medicaid MAY decide to recover any payments from his estate, or the estate of his spouse if he is married. He is deemed permanently institutionalized… Continue Reading

the greatest treasure

David turned thirteen years old last Tuesday.  On July 28th, will be 11 years since his adoption was finalized.  How quickly the time goes. For David’s birthday, we went out to the facility he lives in to visit him.  Most of the family went.  We arrived late Monday, spent Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday… Continue Reading

a coming birthday

So David has a birthday coming up.  he will be a teen. In my quest to get Medicaid reinstated, he was given something called a recipient liability. He has a recipient liability because he has an income.  (SSI and an adoption subsidy).  it isn’t more than 900 a month, and the subsidy isn’t his.   anyway. … Continue Reading