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A visit to David

Today, I am traveling out to see David. So excited to see the little man.  It has been a month since we placed him out there. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Mental Illness and magic

So it seems like the residence where David is has this belief that after 1 year his issues should go away. If only mental illness worked that way. You know how it is.. on day 364, mental illness is still raging.  on day 365, it is magically gone. yeah, that’s the ticket. Got an email… Continue Reading

Gran Mal Seizure

Today, we had a staffing for David.  These occur monthly.  Participants include social workers, therapists, and parents. By all accounts, he is doing well.  For the most part he is stable.  Residence staff reported that since the seizure on Friday, David has been rather subdued.  He seems to be nervous or upset about what happened. … Continue Reading

and then we get a phone call….

that says “your son has had a seizure, and is on the the way to the emergency room via ambulance.” It was nearly two hours before I noticed the message on my cell phone, which tells me a number of things. They didn’t attempt all of the communications methods that we listed in the paperwork… Continue Reading

Explosive Visit With David Today.

We saw David today.  The plan was a two hour visit.  We were there 20 minutes. The argument started because David decided that he wanted to be obstinate.  I was getting the situation defused when David decided that he was done with the visit and took off down the hallway.  I had to go after… Continue Reading

PRTF Update and sadness

First, let me start by defining PRTF for our readers. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.  (PRTF) David is a resident at a PRTF about an hour north of our house.  Today, we received notice that his stay there is coming to an end. The reasons that we were given: Hyperactivity is getting worse. Aggressive behaviors are… Continue Reading

PRTF placement update.

David was away from his residential Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.  He was undergoing a med wash at another facility in our state.  Since David is a special needs child, and was a special needs adoption to begin with, he is covered by Medicaid until he turns 18.  In order to be placed in a facility,… Continue Reading

a smile, and a wakeup

My sleep schedule is messed up because of illness.  I might sleep 14 hours today and none tomorrow.  I sleep when my body lets me. Today, I was in the middle of a rem cycle, and the phone rang.  How awesome that David called two days in a row.  He asked if I was sleeping,… Continue Reading

Update on David.

David is finally admitting that he tried to harm himself. It took some prompting, and he acts like it is no big deal. He said that he didn’t mean to scare anyone when he wrapped the shoestrings around his throat. He thinks that they are letting him go back to the residential facility tomorrow, but… Continue Reading

Visited David tonight in Psych Unit.

I hate going there.  Absolutely do not like it. Spent about 2 hours with David this evening in Psych.  We watched television.  We didn’t talk. If I asked him a question, I got a one syllable response. He said he is sleeping at night. I was told that he stole a couple of telephones and… Continue Reading