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No Services Required – CPS Investigation Results

This week, I learned the results of the latest Child and Protective Services (CPS) investigation. Because of allegations made by David, we believe he was attempting to manipulate the system to get to live where he wants rather than at home, there was a complaint made against me.  The complaint said that I “was exploiting… Continue Reading

Placement begins

Today, David was placed in a psychiatric residential treatment facility.  He was a bit nervous, but hid it well. Seems like a rather nice facility. Hopefully, he won’t be discharged against doctor’s orders again. For treatment to be successful, the decision to keep a patient in care shouldn’t be up to an insurance company. It… Continue Reading

a timeline tip

One added benefit to blogging about our son and his mental health illnesses, is that it also gives me a timeline of some of his behaviors.  Of course, I don’t document everything here.  But this is a good baseline for everything that he has been through. So, for example, when a facility asks me for… Continue Reading

It was all a lie

David wants desperately to be trusted.  He wants us to believe him. On Friday, he came home from school all excited because he was voted onto the student council at his school. Today, he informs us that it was all a lie.  Nothing was true. So i have confirmation emails going out to his school.… Continue Reading

Mr School Van Driver

Good morning my friends.  Hope this note finds you well. Yesterday was an excellent day. This morning, David was in full on mode.  Jumping from topic to topic so quickly that we couldn’t keep up.  In the course of 30 minutes, I bet he talked about 50 different things.  When he is like this there… Continue Reading

wishes and dreams

I dream of a time when we don’t have to worry about him as much as we do.  Granted as a parent, part of us will always worry about our kids, but when you have a child like David, it is increased ten fold, a hundred fold. Today he came home from the mental health… Continue Reading

the next few days are going to be fun!

Well, big sister stopped by with a friend for a couple of minutes.  They didn’t stay long, as David was in tantrum mode. You see, mom got the bandages removed today, and we just can’t have someone else get more attention than he is getting. So big sister and friend turned around and left.  I… Continue Reading

news of the day. June 11, 2015

David is being really good today.  Following me like my shadow. I appreciate that he is trying.  As I survey my garage, I am discovering just what all has been lost because of David’s actions. Weedeater. Networking tools for installing data networks. Gasoline Screws by the box. It isn’t much, and I am sure that… Continue Reading

Visited David tonight

Visited David today.  He changed his story about my weed eater 3 times. So now we have a possible location for it. He got mom so frustrated that she moved away from the table.  Everything is blamed on some one else. His forging of the check happened because we don’t give him an allowance.  Never… Continue Reading

What do you want to hear?

Well. Just got off the phone with a social worker from the hospital where David is. I had to explain what “the boys hide in their rooms to feel safe from David” means. David told staff that he tells me things like “if you like, I can stab you with a knife” because he thinks… Continue Reading