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Honest emotion

I cried today. I cried while mowing my lawn.  Mowing gives you time to think.  The drone of the mower is perfect for masking thoughts, for allowing them a fertile breeding ground. I cried for David.  For the little boy who wants so desperately to be loved, yet pushes away and punishes those who love… Continue Reading

Back in the Hospital – was – The Dilemma – What to do with David

This has been something of a roller coaster week. I was in Indianapolis for the National Disability Rights Network annual conference.  Some fantastic networking opportunities.  A lot of great information, fabulous food and weather. At home, David was busy doing what David does. At the top of the list? He forged a check. He was… Continue Reading

Stormy Lake Weather

We had a storm on the lake this week.  Tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm watch, that kind of thing. I don’t know if it is the weather, the fact that I am at a conference, or what, but David has been in full form. A storm of a different kind. Facebook.  If you are on the… Continue Reading

Wrap Around Services Explained

Wrap around services means we work with social services and the different agencies in our region. since we are between two major cities in our state, we go one direction for some services, and the other direction for the rest. It gets very confusing trying to get all of the different agencies to communicate with… Continue Reading

Can I say that I am a little bit angry?

We picked up David today from the mental health unit. We were given two new prescriptions for him. We traveled home.  I dropped the scripts off at the local pharmacy. I asked to be notified if the insurance company gives them any trouble filling the prescription. An hour later the pharmacy called.  Insurance needs preauthorization. … Continue Reading

The Story of Doubting Dad

Dear Why Not Fathers, I know this dad.  He has a son who suffers from mental illness.  Really, the whole family suffers with the mental illness of the child.  No one person in the family is immune to the tragedy that is mental illness. He and his family are literally doing everything that they can… Continue Reading

Did you really just ask me that???

Interesting conversation with the social worker where David is in care. The solution that the social worker at the hospital gave me was to call the cops if he becomes aggressive. I explained that the community depends on the Sheriff department for our police department and that they might have to come from their main… Continue Reading

Friday discharge

I noticed some tenderness Monday and Tuesday on my right side rib cage.  So today I went to the clinic. I have bruised muscles/ribs on that side.  Happened Sunday evening during the fracas with David. Lovely.  Plus, my blood pressure is elevated.  (I have experienced heart events in the past). On the other side of… Continue Reading

Five days in May

So, insurance has said we have five days.  That means on Friday he could be discharged. How frustrated am I? The safety of my family is of utmost importance.  That includes David. The social worker told me that this is what happens in acute care cases. I’d like them to define acute care. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading