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A new fear – Talking with dead friends

Last night was scary.  Not sure what happened exactly, but David is back in the hospital. At 8pm, with his bedtime medicines he gets a snack.  He wanted oatmeal, instead I gave him a granola bar. He said that he would hurt me if I didn’t give him the right snack.  He made a move… Continue Reading

I am bored and this is fun.

Today, I had the rare opportunity to have a frank talk with David.  We talked about everything from sunshine to cats.  We talked about his favorite movie, Heaven is for Real. We talked about dogs, rain, basketball (though I am by no means knowledgeable) and we talked behaviors. We talked about how he likes being… Continue Reading

every day. a struggle

I am exhausted.  Mentally. he will push until I respond.  when I refuse to acknowledge him, he pushes harder. When I snap and yell at him, he is happy.  Then he says, why are you yelling?  You shouldn’t yell like that dad, it’s not healthy. So I tell him to sit and eat. No.  Not… Continue Reading

some lessons need to be learned…

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way I guess. At breakfast David was in his usual mood.   I always get irritated when the he puts an empty cereal container back in the cupboard.  I told him that it bugs me. “But dad, there is cereal still in there!”  he said. So I shook… Continue Reading

hmmm Toby you smell bad

Toby is our Pomeranian.  David decided that since Toby hadn’t had a haircut and bath recently that he would deodorize him.  So he sprayed him with a Lysol type spray. So far the dog hasn’t gotten sick. And he did get a bath and hair cut this past weekend. We have explained before that he… Continue Reading

It’s your fault dad, you shouldn’t have bought me….

“It’s your fault dad, you shouldn’t have bought me a sandwich for lunch.  You should have asked me first, before you bought the sandwich.” Never mind that he was excited about it when I gave it to him.  Never mind that he took all of the lettuce, the tomato and onion. I had to run… Continue Reading

a quiet celebration

Although most days are not without their small skirmishes, the past couple of days have been really good for David.  Or I should say David has been really good. Sure, he is : Argumentative moody disruptive demanding silent verbose frustrating But he has also been helpful kind thoughtful respectful friendly playful cuddly (with the pets… Continue Reading

the storyteller

David is gifted. Gifted at telling stories, then when caught in a lie, he is gifted at changing the story to suit what ever is going on in his head. When caught in a lie, he will turn and twist the story enough to make the listener doubt what they heard. If this happens, you… Continue Reading

Held Hostage by Mental Illness

Some days, I feel like a hostage in my own home. Held hostage by mental illness.  Seriously.  David had a couple of really good days.  Mom took him into the city, he spent time with his favorite Aunt.  Life was good for him. Then there are days like today.  If it isn’t his way, then… Continue Reading