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stay tuned for your daily tantrum

David was in full form this morning with a tantrum. Grumpiness in the morning. He got gigged yesterday for have three small holes in his shirt.  Very small holes.  couldn’t fit the tip of a pencil through them. So I wrote a note to the school this morning that we are not able to purchase… Continue Reading


What part of “you need to give him his meds at 11am” is so difficult to understand? Evidently, the school has been medicating David when he gets there and then again at 11. They were instructed to give him his meds at 11am, because he gets his meds before he leaves for school in the… Continue Reading

I don’t feel wanted here

“I don’t feel wanted here.” That is what David said today, after he got caught stealing an iPad and a Nintendo DSi from other family members. David isn’t allowed technology because he will threaten people on facebook, as well as hack into family member accounts.  Plus he has been known to log into Amazon and… Continue Reading

My Dad Says

My Dad Says I picked David up from school today.  Was told that the “My Dad Says” comments need to end.  The school has rules that he has to follow regardless of what Dad says. Wait a minute… What? My Dad Says Evidently when David doesn’t want to do something or is trying to get… Continue Reading

its 0630, have you had your tantrum yet?

its 0630, have you had your tantrum yet? Good morning dear readers… David attends a day program in a city 58 miles from our home.  He is transported back and forth by our school district everyday.  So he has to be up and ready to leave the house by 7am. This morning, David was caught… Continue Reading

tantrum at 11

Nothing like a tantrum about medicine to end a perfectly good day. David takes his meds with Apple Juice.  Two of the meds are liquid and taste pretty nasty. Today I had everything ready for him to take his meds and he broke out into a tantrum because he didn’t have his apple juice.  Even… Continue Reading

a wake-up at 0430

I was pretending to be asleep this morning when David got up at 4:30am. He comes over, taps me on the shoulder… “Dad, what time do I have to be up for school…?” I told him “6:30” so he went back to bed.  just as easy as could be.  this never happens. 🙂 No, I… Continue Reading

ugggh, calgon take me away

Anyone remember that commercial? I feel like that lady tonight.  No, I am not going to caress myself with bubble bath. I am not a lady at all. I am a stay at home dad.  hear me roar… {meow} David is in full form tonight.  He chopped the cord from a keyboard, he stole keys… Continue Reading

long night and early morning

Well, I was up until almost 3am with David.  then he woke up at 4.  for the day.  it is now 7am. He is very hyper today.  Sent a note about it to the school.  Good luck to them.  That sounds harsh I know. He just left for school.  I am going back to bed.… Continue Reading

David’s first day of school

David started school today.  Yep. you read it right, and it wasn’t home school. He was accepted yesterday into a day program in the city near where our home is.  actually, it is about 50 miles from here. So far so good, had a solid first day. How long will the honeymoon last?  Don’t know,… Continue Reading