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appetites and meds

David has lost his appetite.  Not that he had much of one to begin with, but… My first thought is that he has been throwing up his meds again. Not sure that this is the case, but the signs are there. On the other hand, it could be a side effect of the meds. It… Continue Reading

I don’t like that…

the litany of complaints. About snack time I don’t like Oatmeal Creme Pies I don’t like granola bars I don’t like fruit bars I don’t like Nutty Bars I don’t like sandwiches I don’t like anything that you want to give me because I didn’t get to pick it. About meal time I don’t like… Continue Reading

Emotions, Autism and a flat world

I have three boys that reside some where on the Autism Spectrum.  To say that they don’t have emotion is to say that the Earth is flat. Our 14 year old.  We have been told by therapists that he has no sense of humor.  Humor is an emotion.  It can’t be taught.  Sure his humor… Continue Reading

Autism and sociopath

I am in a discussion on another blog about Autism and sociopaths.   Let me state this unequivocally. It is possible for a child to be a sociopath and have autism. How do I know?  I don’t have to look any further than my son David.  He has facets of autism.  and he is a sociopath.… Continue Reading

Planning for the return to school

Well, as August rolls on by we plan for the return to school.  Our oldest leaves for college on Saturday.  Our youngest has been placed on a waiting list for a long term care facility.  The other three kids will be registered for the school year tomorrow.  Where did the summer go? May,   – Graduation… Continue Reading

mediation results

We had mediation today.  Wasn’t too thrilled with the mediator, but not any choice in the matter. In the end, we let them know that we are pursuing a residential placement for our son. Until that happens, we are going to pursue a day treatment program, which is what the school has wanted since last… Continue Reading

Mediation meeting today

Today we meet with the mediator.  On the other side of the table is the school district.  All told, there will be 20 people at this meeting for our son.  It is a struggle for us. We are fighting to keep David in public school in our home town.  We have been fighting for a… Continue Reading

holy meltdown time Batman

We just had the mother of all meltdowns.  Haven’t seen one this bad for a long time.  He attempted to attack his older sister, and then went into full off complaint mode talking so fast no one could understand him.  After which he started to attack me.  I ended up laying him on his belly… Continue Reading

Kindle Fire, facebook and grrrr

David got angry with his brother because his brother asked him to leave a room David isn’t supposed to be in.  So he stole my Kindle Fire.  Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but how does that help? Oh and he got on facebook again….. grrrrr and facebook won’t let me… Continue Reading

another night done. starting anew with old behaviors

Well, David came home from the hospital. Promptly stole my Kindle Fire, my camera, and my cell phone.  I imagine that he stole some other things, we just haven’t figured out what yet. I am frustrated.  Frustrated that he can behave and not steal anything or misbehave while he is in psych, and then he… Continue Reading