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frustrations and a welfare check – followed by explanation

Well, we survived our welfare check.  Now to wait for the report and determination. I am satisfied with what I think of the visit with social services. I am frustrated with what I see as someone trying to discredit myself, my wife and our family through lies and innuendo.  By filing a neglect and abuse… Continue Reading

Welfare Check

We had a visit from the county Social Services office.  Someone made a complaint about us. the issues: clutter in our house Locks on doors and cupboards animal odor blog. I can’t be told who made the complaint.  Confidentiality applies.  I understand. I actually welcome this type of investigation or visit from Social Services.  Why? … Continue Reading

The magic of questions regarding disability.

So David is in trouble.  mostly for non-compliance. What is non-compliance? It is not listening. It is not following the rules.  It is going into other peoples bedrooms without their permission.  It is deciding when you can take your medication and when not to take it.  It is deciding that you can eat what ever… Continue Reading

David and an excellent weekend

So our oldest daughter graduated from High School on Sunday.  Yep.  One leaving the nest.  Four more to go. David was incredible.  We were worried about how he would be because we had a lot of people over to the house after the ceremony to celebrate.  He was mellow throughout the ceremony, and on into… Continue Reading

Bouncy – Tigger too

David is particularly bouncy this morning.  He did sleep good last night with no nightmares for the first time in over a week, so that probaby has something to do with it.  Starting the morning with physical fitness. Then math, and if the truck is done at the shop, a social outing this afternoon. He… Continue Reading

Pulbic to news media or not?

I have been advised to take our story regarding David public. To CNN and FoxNews.  In regards to how No Child Left Behind and the Garrison School District have conspired against educating our son in the home district under the guise of “we are unable to provide the services that his needs require…”  How is… Continue Reading

Mr Gadget strikes again

  Well, David has struck again.  the gadget hoarder.  A couple of weeks ago he stole a cell phone from his aunt.  We took it away.  he stole it again.  We took it away. We hid it in a room behind a locked door.  and he got it again. (went into the room when said… Continue Reading