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Placement sometimes feels wrong..

Is it wrong for me to have moments where I relish the concept that David is in placement? Today for example.  My bride and I went to see David and spent two hours visiting him.  Afterward, we went out for supper and then we went shopping.  When David was at home, we never would have… Continue Reading

Behavior Dependent – Holidays

David has been in placement for 6 weeks now. His behavior and aggressiveness toward others are not diminishing, thus they are not recommending any home visits.  We will reevaluate for Christmas.  This is as I expected, however it doesn’t make my heart hurt any less for him.  Does he miss us? I don’t think so. … Continue Reading

all in due time

With David out of the house 99.9 percent of the time, the other kids are coming out of their shells. I think one of the hardest things is having to call upstairs two or three or four times to get their attention.  Most of that is because they are teenagers and have teenage things on… Continue Reading

David Update

We get regular calls and updates regarding David. Seems like he is still stealing everyday.  But now when he gets caught, he is becoming verbally aggressive toward staff. I have a theory about that. He steals from everybody, but only gets verbally aggressive toward those he knows will return to him each day.  As long… Continue Reading

community engagement – Thank you Optimists

Today, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of optimists.  The Optimist Club of Bismarck kindly accepted my request to speak to their group.  It went well for my first engagement as a speaker. I spoke about our Family Voices of North Dakota organization.  I answered questions regarding special health care needs and… Continue Reading

According to David…

We had the monthly staffing for David today at the residential facility. Evidently there are some things about our family that I didn’t know. We have three or four horses. We have a maid/servant that sees to our needs. Does laundry, cooks and cleans the house. I sleep in David’s bedroom not to keep track… Continue Reading

2 weeks and counting

It has been two weeks since David entered placement. In  the intervening time period, we have had an IEP, we have received his first treatment plan.  We have learned that David is pushing limits already. He has stolen something every single day that he has been a resident.  Either from the school that is on-site,… Continue Reading

David has a treatment plan

We received a copy of David’s treatment plan today. Work on not stealing. Work on aggressive response. Safety plan – If David has a behavior that is aggressive, this is how they will respond to it.  In order. Regroup Grounding Time Out Physical Escort Physical Transport NCI (Non-Crisis Intervention) Seclusion Hospitalization Legal Action as necessary… Continue Reading

a brand new IEP for the year

We are blessed. We are blessed to have an incredible team of caring people working for David’s behalf. Today we had an IEP team meeting and talked about strengths and weaknesses.  David has many of each.  In future posts I will talk about many of them.  Today though, let us talk about the team. Caring… Continue Reading

In Sickness and in Health

When my bride and I got married, that was a part of our vows.  As I am sure it was for most of our readers. It seems to me that when we have children there is an implied vow “in sickness and in health”. I don’t know of any parent who wouldn’t gladly switch places… Continue Reading