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>new opportunities?

>So I was in Denver this week doing a Title V Block Grant review for the Department of Human Services Region VIII.  It was an incredible experience.  I learned so much about what the state level has to go through in order to get funding from the federal government.

In the process, I shared a bit about myself and my efforts to develop a non-profit organization for Father’s of Special Needs Kids. A lot of interest from the state.  In that they are going to be doing some leadership training for fathers in the next year.  So we traded contact information.  Whether or not it will open a door or not, I don’t know.

While it is nice to have a break from the normal routine, I sure can’t wait to get back to the family.  Going to stop and see David tomorrow.  Liz passed her driving test yesterday.  School starts next week.  We won’t have a child at the elementary school until January or so. 

It will be nice to not have to deal with the crap and what not from the administration at the elementary.  Wonder what is going to happen with the abuse and neglect complaint.  Time will tell.  more later.