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With David home, life is interesting.  So much energy.

One of our dogs, Ellis, who David mistakenly calls Alice has a lot of energy.  I think that Ellis has met his match in David.

Now, I don’t believe for a moment that the David we are seeing is the David that is new and improved.  I think that we are in the honeymood period.  He is sensing our mood, and showing us what he thinks that we want.

It would be nice if the wall were to come down, and he would just be himself, albeit without all of the negative behaviours.  Can it happen?


Do I think that he is there yet?

No.  I think that we are just seeing a small piece of David. Tomorrow will be a week since his return home after more than 2 years in placement.  For the most part, it has been a good week.  There have been small instances of acting out and lying.  A lot of that comes, I think, from being a 13 year old boy.

Alas, time will tell.  Wish us luck as we continue this journey.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

We are actively advocating for David.  Ensuring that all of his needs are met.  One day at a time.  Tomorrow’s worries will be there tomorrow, no need to bring them into today.