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visited my son tonight

I went to see my son tonight. He wants to know when he can come home from the hospital.  home-page-slide-1

Nothing about the other night.  When I asked him why he wants to come home, it was all about missing the trip to Bismarck with his mentor that he does once a week.

Nothing about the family.  No regrets about his behaviors.  Just “when can I come home?”

I told him that when he starts being honest with himself and the staff there about what is going on, then I would think about it.

This afternoon I attended the “Informal Adjustment Conference” to let them know where David is.  Talked to the guy for about half an hour about what we have been dealing with.

Last night, the psychiatrist recommended placing David in a detention center until the bed is available.  Today, I relayed that request to the gentleman at the conference and he said that it wasn’t a good idea, and couldn’t be done without the commission of a “serious” crime. The events of Tuesday night aren’t serious enough.

That is all for now.  I wonder if the social worker from the hospital will call tomorrow and tell me to come and get him.

Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

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bingo, we have a winner – update from the hospital

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have i failed as a father?

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assault in a high school

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