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My breaking heart, asking for help

David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.
David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.

We put David in the hospital for a psych eval today.

The hardest things I have ever done involve placing him in the hospital.

Today was no different.

In my reality, I want my little boy to be home, surrounded by his family.  safe. protected.

In his reality, things are much different.  We are the enemy.  Today the last thing that he said to me as he walked through the doors, “good luck getting me to come home.”

I will continue to fight for David, to ensure that he gets the best care possible.

I would love nothing more than to bring him home and keep him here.

I won’t go through the ins and outs of what happened today to push for this placement, but it was, in part, requested by David.  I just delivered on my promise that certain behaviors would earn him a stay in the hospital.

So, please, pray for David.  That he may experience relief the from the demons that torture him mentally.

Pray for the family that we always do the best we can for David.  He deserves nothing less than our very best, after all, he didn’t ask to be the way he is.  It was foisted on him by a selfish woman who shares his DNA.

Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

It’s in the past. That is how David responds when we try to talk to him about the threats that he made toward that individual on facebook. “I don’t want to talk about it, because it’s in the past.” It was last Wednesday February 29.  Just because it is in the past doesn’t mean we… Continue Reading

bingo, we have a winner – update from the hospital

Well yesterday, we took our youngest to the hospital and admitted him to the psych unit.   Today I got a call from the doctor in the ward.  He asked me why we had not been giving David his medicines. When I explained that we had been giving them to him four times a day, and… Continue Reading

have i failed as a father?

I feel like a failure. My youngest son has hacked into his brother’s facebook account and threatened to kill someone. And then he lied about doing it, even when confronted by the evidence. How do I learn about this? The victim’s parents called the Sherrif. I don’t blame them. I blame myself. I blame my… Continue Reading

Toddlers, Tiaras and $exualization

So, in reality television there is a program called Toddlers and Tiaras.  I can’t say that I have ever seen it.  The premise is apparently mom’s who enter their daughters in beauty pageants.  The girls are painted up, dressed in what would be considered provocative clothing for an adult. Nw if that isn’t bad enough,… Continue Reading

>it’s been a while…

>It has been over a month since I posted an update.  So much has happened. David continues to do well in his placement.  There have been a few incidents of violence, but nothing so major that law enforcement had to get involved.  Started with family therapy sessions as well.  The big thing that happened is… Continue Reading