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>Juvenile Court results

>So juvenile court was interesting for M this morning. Refereed instead of judged. Three months probation. Was told that my wife and I are doing a good job of providing a supportive environment for him. The referee seemed surprised that M didn’t have an IEP. Interesting how everyone thinks he should have an IEP except the school that he attends. M was extremely nervous about court. The referee is making some referrals. Maybe now we can get some support from outside agencies for him.

On a side note, the clinic called about my other son, and want to reschedule him for Friday.

>Juvenile Court

>Got notice today of the pending court date for the one who attacked his teacher a few weeks ago. It has been a rough day. He slept in, had breakfast. Then he stole pie, when confronted about it, he said that he couldn’t have thirds of his cereal. When we discovered that he threw away… Continue Reading