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Insurance preauthorization update part 2

So, the insurance company contacted me because I posted a message on their facebook wall.

Amazing how social media messages get a faster response than a phone call.

The request made for the medicine on Tuesday was marked non-urgent.

A second request was made today and it was marked urgent.  This request came in half an hour ago.

Even an urgent request can take 72 hours to complete.  So this means we are stuck until next week again waiting for the script, although there is a slim chance it can be approved tomorrow.

But then, there is also a chance that it will be denied.  At which point we can appeal the decision.

Why is it okay for a corporation to have this level of control over our health?

I do admit that the rep who called was polite, offered to research the issue further and then return my call.  She also said that she would flag the urgent request so that I could be notified as soon as action was taken.

Insurance Preauthorization Still Not In

We are finishing week 1 of the wait for pre-authorization for David’s meds. How frustrating it is that we can be held by hostage by an insurance company and/or medicaid decision. Of course, the doctor is never around when I need to talk to her. Time to annoy some people to no end so that… Continue Reading

a new year, more medicaid frustration

So what else is new?  right? Received this notice from the facility where our son resides. I am sure you will be receiving a hard copy in the mail, but I wanted to notify you that as of 1/10/2015, David’s  Medicaid has denied coverage for residential care and we were notified of this yesterday. (See… Continue Reading

Medicaid resolved

Just received notification that our Medicaid case for David has been resolved. That is a load off my mind.  Long story short, because we worked with our case manager to find placement, and got denials from 5 in-state facilities before we placed David in another state, he is still covered by our state Medicaid. What… Continue Reading

filing an appeal with medicaid.

While the state is actively reviewing David’s case, we are going to file an appeal. Not sure what will happen, but this way, no one can say we didn’t exhaust all measures.   It seems strange to me to have to appeal something that he was ordered by the court to have until he is 18. … Continue Reading

Medicaid, still no resolution

Well, it has been a week since we learned that David’s Medicaid would be closed and that we would have to reapply in the state where the PRTF level facility he resides is located.   Still no resolution.  But we have a variety of people from the state working on it, and I am creating a… Continue Reading

Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicaid, you frustrate me so….

David is adopted.  He was a special needs adoption.  Not because of all of the mental health concerns, but because of his race. As part of the adoption, he was court ordered to have access to Medicaid. It seems like every time we turn around, we are fighting for David.  For things that David needs. … Continue Reading

Medicaid policy change?

When we adopted David, a part of the adoption decree was court ordered Medical Assistance until he is 18.  This is because he was a special needs adoption and would have ongoing health care needs. We didn’t request special consideration for medical assistance, it was granted automatically as part of the adoption process for special… Continue Reading