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David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.
David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.

Every night we have difficulty getting him to take his medications.

If he isn’t pouring water all over everything, he is dropping his medicine on the floor.

He gets distracted and has to cuddle the animals during medicine time.

So we have to hold onto him and drop the pills in his mouth.  Then rub the side of his throat to ensure that he is swallowing them. After that, we sometimes have to feel his mouth to see if he swallowed them.  Then check under his tongue.  There have been times when he has made himself throw up his medicines, though I don’t think that he has done it recently.

Honestly, I feel like I am torturing him some days because of the way we have to be with him.

Someone commented that this is just normal 14 year old boy stuff.  I’d be happy to let him come and spend a couple of days with you.  I wonder how long before you would be calling either me, or the police to come and get him.

There are those who say that we should just not give him his medicine.

This doesn’t work either.  How much energy do you have?

Think that you can stay awake for two or three days?  Because that is what he can do if we don’t medicate him.  Do you remember Tigger from Winnie the Pooh?  That is David without his medicine.  and often times with his medicine.

Keep in mind, I don’t share everything that we deal with.  Seriously, I don’t have time or sanity to do that, and you don’t want to read it.

Why do we struggle through?

Because he is our son.  Our family.

Missing medications

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Insurance Preauthorization Still Not In

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So much has happened, yesterday, tomorrow… IEP, Respite and more

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Medications, bane or beneficial?

Medication to control ADHD, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses can be both a benefit and a bane to the children who take them. Our son, born addicted to illicit drugs, has had zero chance to function without medications modifying his affect. What does this mean? Simply put, without medications, he has little hope of… Continue Reading

Greetings on a New Day.

As we start week 3 after placement back at home for our youngest, I am struck with awe about how he can be two completely different kids.  There is the David we see when all of the kids are home, and there is the David we see when he is one – on – one… Continue Reading

Day 8 ~ snot today I tell you, don’t suck it in, blow!

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Evening Day 3

Well it appears that we have two levels of behaviour.  That which he exhibits during the day when it is one on one, and that which is displayed in the evenings when everyone is home.  Tonight he was all about the word no. Everything we said, “no” was the response, didn’t matter if we were… Continue Reading

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