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Missing medications

We hide things from David.

On occasion, he finds them.

He found a sibling’s medication and made the whole bottle disappear.

Of course, he denies it.

Just like he denies taking my Kindle, mom’s iPad, iPod, my cell phone, my tablet.

Just like he denies everything he does until he is caught.  Then he says – oops.

The medication that he helped disappear was hidden in a room with a locked door.

He doesn’t sleep alone at night, I sleep in the same room that he does. Yet he manages to get around me when I am sleeping sometimes, and then roams the house getting into things.

We could install cameras, but they are so invasive.  Plus, if he was going into a facility, like he was supposed to be, all of this would be a moot point.  The pills that he took are for the anxiety that the sibling feels in part because of the way they are treated by David.

Insurance Preauthorization Still Not In

We are finishing week 1 of the wait for pre-authorization for David’s meds. How frustrating it is that we can be held by hostage by an insurance company and/or medicaid decision. Of course, the doctor is never around when I need to talk to her. Time to annoy some people to no end so that… Continue Reading

Missing David. and frustrated

People frustrate me.  Not all people.  Just some. Before David’s 12th birthday, we moved him, temporarily, to a different facility so that he could undergo a med wash. All the reports I have received have been about how good a child he is, and how he listens. That is great.  I am happy that they… Continue Reading

An update on David.

We are still here. has been largely quiet because there hasn’t been a lot to say. That has changed. David’s behavior is becoming more erratic.  The residence has undergone a med wash with him.  A med wash is where they take him off all of his meds and put him on new ones. This… Continue Reading

Greetings on a New Day.

As we start week 3 after placement back at home for our youngest, I am struck with awe about how he can be two completely different kids.  There is the David we see when all of the kids are home, and there is the David we see when he is one – on – one… Continue Reading

Evening Day 3

Well it appears that we have two levels of behaviour.  That which he exhibits during the day when it is one on one, and that which is displayed in the evenings when everyone is home.  Tonight he was all about the word no. Everything we said, “no” was the response, didn’t matter if we were… Continue Reading

Day 2 ~ Much better ~ or Butterflies and more.

Day two started out very well. No eruptions or complaints. Got a call from the psych nurse regarding missing the blood draw yesterday. She was very grumpy. I understand that there is a protocol to follow with the blood work for his meds, but what can I do if the people who draw blood are… Continue Reading


>So M has OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Makes life tough for him. He knows it is wrong to take things that don’t belong to him. In the last two weeks we have discovered that he is hoarding garbage. Cat food cans, newspaper, cereal boxes, pop tart boxes and wrappers, soda bottles. He has been putting… Continue Reading