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It was the most amazing day!!!

Today was fabulous, our youngest son, who has OCD, ODD, Autism traits, and a Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as severe ADHD spends each day with me.  Usually we hang out at home working on school work, and playing games on the computer. Today one of my girls had an appointment in the city so… Continue Reading

winner, winner chicken dinner

Today has been fabulous for our youngest. No behaviors this morning and now we are waiting at the doctor’s office and he is calmly sitting here waiting his turn. No fidget’s no running around, just watching other people interact with each other (which as I explain later can be kind of creepy). This rocks. Even… Continue Reading

Dad, I killed the car!

Another day done. For the most part, I would call this day a success. My girls, who have both been licensed to drive for less than 6 months killed the car tonight. They thought that they were in trouble, because it wouldn’t start… They walked home, then we went and got it after mom got… Continue Reading

Day 10 ~ the truth shall set you free

This morning started out fabulous.  David was well rested, I was fairly well rested, and we were up on time to see everyone else off to school. I first give David quiet time in the morning, gives him a chance to get himself in sync with the day.  This morning was no different, after a… Continue Reading

Day 9 ~ A long night, a short day, exhausted

David, our youngest was up and down most of the night with his cough.  Poor guy sounds like he is going to cough up a lung or something.  So I spent the night monitoring him to make sure he was ok.  Long night.  His breathing finally calmed around 5 am so I got to sleep… Continue Reading

Day 8 ~ snot today I tell you, don’t suck it in, blow!

Autism and a sick child. school prinicipal and the counselor. ewww how gross Continue Reading

Day 6 ~ Repast, a question, and a comment on the day

#url# Repast, question, thought for day “power struggles” Continue Reading

>Staffing session for our Child

>Well, today we had staffing for our son.  As I have posted before he is in a residential facility right now learning behavior management among other things.  The staffing includes such people as myself, the mentor coordinator, the program coordinator, the therapist, psychologist, nurse, partnerships care coordinator, family inclusion therapist, our son, and today we… Continue Reading


>We are getting ready for meetings with the school. We are getting some assistance from an Education Specialist at the University. She asked to be invited to our next meeting, we are hoping for assistance from Protection and Advocacy as well. We are going to invite the school superintendent. If this doesn’t work, we will… Continue Reading


>M got caught stealing from the substitute teacher a couple of times today. He said he wasn’t taking things from her, he was taking them from the teacher. I don’t have a complete list, but it was enough that this kind woman told me about it without letting it go. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading