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>So M has been on restriction for the last two days because he attacked his brother and sister. Bit his brother, and pulled sis’s hair, scratched, punched and kicked at her. My wife thought she would be nice and let him look at a book for a few minutes before bedtime. I went along with… Continue Reading

>Food FIght

>So M had a rough day at school today. Got through the morning alright. At lunch he started throwing his food around because he wanted somebodies attention. When the teacher called him on it, he slammed his tray down and threw the rest of his food all over the area where he was sitting. The… Continue Reading

>M and the walk

>So M was in fine form today. I have to try to keep my heart rate down, and he has to push as many buttons as he can to get his daily dose of scolding and punishment. He got the other kids so upset, and stated that he didn’t want to live here anymore. Not… Continue Reading

>Heart event

>So I had what the doctors refer to as a heart event. Now, I am supposed to keep calm. I have blood pressure medicine. How can I keep calm when a child is constantly doing things he shouldn’t be, taking things that aren’t his, and hoarding garbage? The ODD and OCD in him will make… Continue Reading

>a long day!!!

>We were in town for meetings with psychiatry for the youngest boy. he got caught steeling at Runnings Fleet Farm. And then got caught stealing at the doctor’s office. Been a long day. He was doing so good, we offered to buy him something after lunch. Then… he said he couldn’t help himself. he even… Continue Reading

>Rough day!!!

>Well, M is finally asleep. It has been a rough day. Started with him getting a bath and writing all over the tub with a pencil. Then the mouth started. Took away all privileges. Mouth continued. Ended up being a long day and he got incredibly mouthy. He got so mad he threatened to hurt… Continue Reading


>So M has OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Makes life tough for him. He knows it is wrong to take things that don’t belong to him. In the last two weeks we have discovered that he is hoarding garbage. Cat food cans, newspaper, cereal boxes, pop tart boxes and wrappers, soda bottles. He has been putting… Continue Reading

>trust and other five letter words –

>How do you explain to a 9 year old that once trust is lost it is very hard to get it back? He stole a credit card from mom’s purse. Two hours later we found it in the couch. How do we know it wasn’t lost there? The couch is a sleeper sofa that is… Continue Reading

>Juvenile Court

>Got notice today of the pending court date for the one who attacked his teacher a few weeks ago. It has been a rough day. He slept in, had breakfast. Then he stole pie, when confronted about it, he said that he couldn’t have thirds of his cereal. When we discovered that he threw away… Continue Reading