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It was the most amazing day!!!

Today was fabulous, our youngest son, who has OCD, ODD, Autism traits, and a Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as severe ADHD spends each day with me.  Usually we hang out at home working on school work, and playing games on the computer. Today one of my girls had an appointment in the city so he went with us.  I can honestly say that I can’t remember ever seeing him so well behaved.

He sat there with me for an hour and a half. No complaints.  This from a kid who can’t sit still for five minutes without moving around.  He claims he is feeling ok.  Not so sure about that, but it was fabulous to not have to spend even 5 minutes repeating his name over and over again trying to get him to behave.


Celebrate the little things!

winner, winner chicken dinner

Today has been fabulous for our youngest. No behaviors this morning and now we are waiting at the doctor’s office and he is calmly sitting here waiting his turn. No fidget’s no running around, just watching other people interact with each other (which as I explain later can be kind of creepy). This rocks. Even… Continue Reading

Dad, I killed the car!

Another day done. For the most part, I would call this day a success. My girls, who have both been licensed to drive for less than 6 months killed the car tonight. They thought that they were in trouble, because it wouldn’t start… They walked home, then we went and got it after mom got… Continue Reading