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>Thanksgiving Holiday

>I give thanks.

My family was together for the holiday.  Our youngest came home from the residential facility for the weekend.  He was home from Wednesday to Sunday, and I am very proud to say that no major issues occurred.  It was a great weekend.  There were a few times when he wanted something his way, and we were able to handle it without a meltdown.  I think the only “major” issue was when he was caught playing with a screwdriver around an outlet.  He has been known to strip all of the outlet covers from a room.

There was a brief moment where he was sneaking around, but I think that was a test of his boundaries.  All in all it was a good weekend.

On a side note, my health has been kind of strange.  I lost my appetite last Wednesday and it just never really recovered.  It has been declining for a couple of weeks. I eat because I don’t want to worry my family.  So tomorrow will put in a call to my doctor and see what she thinks.  But since I am scheduled to see her in two weeks, she may want to run labs now and then wait.

That is all for now faithful readers.  Hope you all had a great weekend.