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facebook and my pre-teen

Well, my pre-teen has signed up for a facebook account again.

What to do… ?

Well, we did a couple of things.

  1. reset the password
  2. add a second email to the account. (whenever he tries to change the password, I get notified.)
  3. the only way he gets to use the account is if an adult is with him.
  4. break the rules, no computer.

He has created accounts in the past, really it isn’t that hard to convince facebook that you are old enough to have an account.  We have deactivated his accounts in the past.  Why are we giving in this time?   Pick your battles.  In the month since he has been home from the residential facility, he has done very well.

Our rules for facebook:

  1. No pictures outside of the ones that mom and dad have approved.
  2. no negative posts.
  3. no cussing.
  4. all friends have to be approved by mom and dad.
  5. the only adult friends allowed are family members.

Seems simple doesn’t it?  How long before we have to deactivate the account because he broke the rules?  Oh wait, we shouldn’t have to, as we just take away his computer privileges.

How did we know he created a facebook account? all of the kids told us, plus we heard about it through his aunt and when he was on the phone to another relative.


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