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>I am going to rant.

Bullying is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated like small pox.

When a child talks of hurting themselves because of the behaviors of a few, it is a community issue.  Everyone in the community needs to get involved in working toward a solution.

My family is affected by this.  Why?  Because of bullying.  We live in a small town, and are seen as outsiders by those who have lived here for a long time.  Not the parents so much as the kids. These behaviors are learned at home.  We need to work together to affect a change that shows the youth of today that bullying in any form is just not acceptable behavior.

A parent should not fear that their child will kill themselves.  Words can not express how grateful I am that my daughter sought the help she so desperately needed.  We need to bring immediate attention to this, and put in place whatever supports and/or committees are necessary to eliminate this problem.

Bullying occurs on so many levels, adults bullying co-workers, parents bullying kids, and so on.  This behavior is most often learned at home.  Please, speak to your children about how they are treating their peers.

Young people, if you know of someone who is experiencing this issue, you need to speak up.  talk to a teacher, write an anonymous note.  Anything, but please don’t let it hide in the shadows.  Nothing good can come of that.

i beg you, please help end bullying now.

>A quiet day in the house…

>All three of my boys have had their hair cut, now they look like boys again. 🙂 yes, I am the family barber. The girls won’t let me near their hair. evidently barber doesn’t equal stylist… Tomorrow we will tackle snow removal from the drive. 🙂 Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading