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Day 7 ~ A wake up and PWN from the school

Good morning friends… Well, actually it is afternoon, but I have been up and about for about 6 hours. Cheers to you on this glorious morning.

A couple of things to start our day.

Last night, David had an incredible meltdown, his first since being in the residential facility.  I admit, I did not handle it well.  I apologised to him for my response to his meltdown.  It happened, we are moving forward.

Today, we are working on school work since there is still no apparent movement by the school district to resolve our impasse about David returning to public school.  But, then a short while ago, I got a call from one of our care coordinators for David.  She received a hand written Prior Written Notice (PWN) from the school district.  I called up our advocate to see if she had received one as well.  Never in my life have I seen a handwritten PWN.  The PWN was addressed to my wife and I, and included our advocate, the director of the regional special education unit, our care coordinator, the superintendent, and the appropriate staff from the elementary school.

The PWN did not include any of the staff from the residential facility that my son was discharged from a week ago.  How can we have an IEP meeting without the previous teacher being involved when that teacher is affiliated with agency that our son was a resident of for over 6 months?

I have not yet received the PWN, but have been told about it from three different people already this morning.  I can’t see meeting with the school without our advocate, care coordinator, or the staff from the residential facility.

So that is all the news to report this morning…  Hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness.

Today the kids want breakfast for supper, so making peanut butter chip pancakes for supper tonight. Really good with grape jelly.