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>a moment of brilliance


Every once in a while, not often mind you, but once in a while I am struck with flashes of brilliance.

When I talked to the psychiatrist this morning, I complained about how people were requesting records for our son from the hospital. Interesting thing happened then. She pulled up our son’s file and was able to tell me exactly when records were sent to the residential facility where he is currently placed. Interesting. So I have a call into her office to determine when records were sent to the elementary school. 🙂

One of the tenets upon which the neglect and abuse charge was determined the way it was related to how the school requested records from the psychiatrist and never received them. If those records were purged from his elementary school file as I suspect they were, they would have a record of them at least being sent to the school.

I will be filing an appeal, but the more ammunition I can provide in the documentation for the appeal the better. How bad would it be for the school to be caught in a lie where records were doctored?