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>A dear friend told me…

>A person dear to my heart told me something I thought I would share. As a parent of a special needs child, or children as the case may be, we need to celebrate the good things in their lives. Lately, I have been engulfed in the negative aspects of trying to deal with their lives.

Their lives are so much more complex than mine. The simple joys of getting through a morning, or afternoon without problems should be a celebration. Getting through a whole day is a victory. If that is the case, then what is a week of good days worth?

We had a good week, both in school and at home. That should be celebrated. Because it is a HUGE Victory. It is a positive way to begin the next week. Sometimes, victory occurs first with small beginnings.

A celebration such as this in the life of one of our boys is huge.

A person dear to my heart also said that I shouldn’t forget about my wife. Together we are team that goes against considerable odds on behalf of our children. We sometimes forget that we are more to each other than a source of income, a meal, a warm bed, or someone to yell at when times are tough.

We forget the things in our lives that made us a team before we had kids. The love that we share. To remember these things is not to forget the children. We are a team. We need to work on that as well as all of the things we do for our kids. These things need to be nurtured, lest they be lost.

And then I think about my girls. They help us make our home what it is. Ready to help. Sometimes with complaint… 🙂 I can’t forget the girls. Be it helping to cook supper, or wrangling the boys so mom and dad can talk about the day privately, they are ready with a quick joke, a grin, and hugs when needed.

We tell them we want them to be teenagers. I am proud of the young ladies they have become. I don’t want to embarrass them so won’t say more, because I know they will read this… thanks girls!!!