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and now the day is done

And now the day is done.  As a recap, my youngest daughter was assaulted in our small town school this morning.  She lost consciousness briefly and ended up losing memory of the event and about 10 minutes before and after the event.  She remembers sitting on the floor in the hallway and then remembers being in the classroom with no idea how she got there.

She has a contusion on the back of her skull near the base.  CT Scans are normal. They scanned both head and because of the location, the nexk to make sure no damage was done to her neck.  A few centimeters lower and she could have suffered a severe neck injury.

We filed a complaint with the deputy sheriff.  We are contacting an attorney.

The school was told about bullying back in December.  They didn’t say anything to the student body about it to get it to stop.

Tonight, the superintendent of the district contacted me and told me about how distraught he is regarding this incident and how he doesn’t understand how my daughter could be hit in the back of the head and not know who did it. He went on to tell me about how I prevented him from speaking to either my daughter or the alleged perpetrators in the earlier bullying incidents.  I told him that he couldn’t speak to my daughter without either my or I being present for the event because they wanted to “question” her about the incidents.  I told them that she isn’t the guilty party, she is the victim.

It is typical of the district to blame others for their failure to do the job they have been hired to do.  They do this with our youngest son all the time.

I am beyond frustrated with the whole district and quite honestly we are looking at moving our family to another community where they can be safe, and the school district doesn’t treat them as criminals.   The kids should not be afraid to go to school. School is supposed to be a safe place for them.

According to a source in the district, the district administrators have two witnesses to the event.  One saw it happen out of the corner of their eye, but didn’t see who did it.  The other apparently witnessed the whole thing but was out for a doctor appointment this afternoon so unavailable to talk to administration.

The E. R. recommended that someone accompany my daughter from class to class for the foreseeable future so that she feels safe in school.  If that is what it takes, I will do it myself.  Short of that, I think that we can hire some people to help her out.

I have two auto-immune disorders, and stress causes them both to flare up.  This is definitely not helping.

>fiction or reality

>You know, dads think that they are fairly strong. We fix things when we can, and if we don’t know how, we get someone else to do the job. I am going to try to develop a community discussion about bullying in this town.  adults doing it to adults, adults bullying students, and so on…… Continue Reading